4 Finger claw setup for PUBG Mobile Android and IOS Sensitivity Settings

4 finger claw setup for PUBG to increase the kill ratio in game. most famous gamer like mortal will use these 4 finger claw settings to get more kills.

By using these setup you can increase your reaction time and get more kills. Often some people will use the 3 finger claw and some will use the 2 finger settings. But 4 finger is the best to get more kills and increase you reaction very fastly to kill enemies.
This setting will increase your Kill ratio K\D and you will get more kills by using this settings in you PUBG mobile.
Here I will show you the best setup of 4 finger claw to get more kills. Follow my instructions.

How to learn 4 finger claw in PUBG Mobile

By watching above video you will get the full clarification the settings to increase the game play of your game.
PUBG Mobile is most downloaded game in all over the world with 100 million + downloads and having the highest active users all over the world.
This game contains the total 4 maps with different variations namely Erangel, Miramir, Vikindi, Sanhok.
These are the 4 maps of PUBG game in classic mode. It also developed so many maps for user to play the game.
Arcade mode paylod mode and many others maps are there in the game. Once you download the game and start playing it you will fell in love with that game. It is really an awesome game to play. By having the settings which are in above videos you will master the game and love with that.

4 finger claw layout for PUBG Mobile

Here we will show you the setup for both Android and IOS layouts with sensitivity settings.

4 finger claw pubg layout setup

Setup you settings as per the above given settings your going to love it definitely. Thank You for reading our post and like share and subscribe.

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