Best of 3 finger Claw setup and sensitivity setting for PUBG Mobile

3 Finger Claw For PUBG Mobile is the best way to increase your KD ration in PUBG Mobile.
Here We show you the best settings for 4 finger claw in pubg to master the game.

pubg settings

Most of the players with 3 finger claw and 4 finger claw in pubg to master the game and increase the kill ratio K/D to become pro.
The above image has the best pro 3 finger claw setup for PUBG. By using these settings you will become the pro and get high kill ratio after mastering the settings.

The Best 3 finger claw setup For PUBG moble above setting will help to improve gaming method for PUBG. Heaps of star PUBG Mobile players utilize various sorts of hook settings, a few players utilize 2 finger paw which called as a thumb player and other utilize 3, 4 or 5 finger paw.
In the event that you need to turn into a professional Pubg portable player, at that point here are the best paw settings for PUBG Mobile. You can likewise utilize this best affectability settings of PUBG Mobile to support your response speed in PUBG.

Best 3 finger claw arrangement for PUBG

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