Chandrababu: Chandrababu assets case .. Lakshmi Parvati spotted .. ACB court struck down the petition!

She was shocked by the case filed by Lakshmi Parvati in the ACB court in the assets case of former AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. The ACB court determined to dismiss the case.

Chandra Babu

Chandrababu: Former AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was shocked by the case filed by Lakshmi Parvati in the ACB court over her assets. The ACB court determined to dismiss the case. Lakshmi Parvati filed the petition in the ACB court on the foundation of the assets proven by Chandrababu in the 2004 election affidavit. In her petition, Lakshmi Parvati mentioned that Chandrababu’s assets had skyrocketed between 1987 and 2005 and that an inquiry must be held into these assets. The petition was stayed by the High Court in 2005. Recently the Supreme Court revealed the verdict to carry the pending keep. With this, the ACB court determined to listen to the petition filed by Lakshmi Parvati in opposition to Chandrababu. Recently, the court listening to the petition dismissed the petition.

Late Chief Minister NTR Satyamani Lakshmi Parvati has repeatedly mentioned that sending Chandrababu to jail is her lifeblood. Lakshmi Parvati has been combating in opposition to Chandrababu for many years. At that point she made many allegations in opposition to Chandrababu. The court dismissed the instances as there was no prima facie proof in most of them. Stay in favor of Chandrababu in some instances. With this, Lakshmi Parvati grew to become disillusioned with the case.

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