Crime News: జగద్గిరిగుట్టలో దారుణం .. కాలేతున్న నూనే పోసి, ఆపై కారం చల్లి తల్లికూతుళ్లు పరార్ .. – Wife and daughter attacked on man over family disputes police case file

Crime News: Wife tied to a man, Kanna daughter abused. The boiling sizzling oil was poured over his shit.

Crime News: Kanna’s spouse and daughter, who had been tied up on a man, had been brutally stabbed. The boiling sizzling oil was poured over his shit. And then quenched the pepper. The mom fled the home because the sufferer screamed loudly. The incident befell at Jagadgirigutta in Hyderabad. According to police and locals, Sadaya and Rajita, each from Husnabad, had come to the town a while in the past and had been residing in Jagadgirigutta Deenabandu Colony. Sadayya makes a residing by buying and selling greens. However, Rajita left her husband and went to Puttinti within the wake of family quarrels final month. She got here again to her husband per week later. Clashes between them have been going on ever since.

However, Sadayya went into enterprise as normal. When he got here house for lunch, his spouse and daughter locked the gate of the home to forestall him from coming into the home. However, regardless of what number of occasions they referred to as for the gate to be opened, they didn’t come. With that Sadayya went from the home subsequent door to his home. However, the mom and daughters had been offended with Sadayya and poured sizzling oil on him. And then quenched the pepper. Sadaya shouted loudly because the oil couldn’t beat the warmth. When they responded round .. the 2 daughters had already fled. Upon receiving the knowledge, the police reached the spot and rushed the injured to the hospital. A case is being registered and investigated over the incident. Police are scrambling to catch the fleeing moms.

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