Don’t Call Me: SHINee’s Key & Minho STUN in red in the latest character teasers

SHINee members Key and Minho look ravishing in red in the newly launched character teasers. Watch the movies beneath.

Don’t Call Me: SHINee’s Key & Minho STUN in red in the latest character teasers

Shawols are counting days on their fingertips as we inch nearer to SHINee”s much-awaited full group comeback! SHINee shall be releasing their seventh full-length album Don’t Call Me on February 22. They dropped a fairly intriguing futuristic themed teaser of their track Fake Reality, on February 8. Now, so as to add to the pleasure, the members have been releasing intriguing new character teasers. In the earlier character teasers, we noticed Onew and Taemin battle towards forces of nature; in the latest ones, we witness Key and Minho wanting ravishing in red, as they get entangled towards unseen forces.

In the teaser that includes Key, we see him look good-looking in a full-length red outfit, towards damaged glass. He is seen making an attempt to name somebody, restlessness and anxiousness deep-seated on his face. An upbeat tempo performs in the background, as we see the telephone drop deep in the ocean. We see Key, with a mysterious red line throughout his face, standing upright, atop the sinking phone sales space. We see him wanting straight in the digital camera, giving a difficult look. The teaser ends with a blurry reflection of Key in the water. 

In the teaser that includes Minho, we see a horror setting of red, with furnishings flying round. Minho appears to be like gorgeous in a skinny black shirt and flaming red hair. The background music takes a troubling flip, as a black rose petal rests on his palm. Minho appears to be like at the digital camera, his face is a combination of anger and damage as he firmly grabs the petal. In the subsequent occasion, we see a tightly-knitted crown of black rose petals clutching onto his face. Both the teasers finish with the caption – Don’t Call Me. The apostrophe is changed with the quantity 7. It is probably to point that that is their seventh full-length album.

You can try Key’s gripping teaser beneath:

You can try Minho’s thrilling teaser beneath: 

The symbolism of red can be fascinating in the featured teasers. What might this point out? Perhaps battle? bloodshed? romance? We want to attend and discover out. SHINee’s comeback album Don’t Call Me will include 9 songs in whole which shall be of numerous genres. 

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