Follow THESE Do’s and Don’ts of stretching to reap maximum benefits

Stretching is nice for enhancing flexibility and decreasing physique ache. But if not achieved accurately, it can lead to accidents and enhance muscle soreness.

Follow THESE Do’s and Don’ts of stretching to reap maximum benefits

It is all the time mentioned that earlier than doing a hardcore exercise, stretching is crucial because it avoids accidents and helps our physique to heat up. Stretching your physique usually helps enhance flexibility and posture. It can be efficient in decreasing stiffness from the physique and physique aches. While stretching is certainly useful, overdoing it or not giving your physique sufficient time to settle down, can lead to physique ache and muscle pulls. Have a take a look at some of the do”s and don’ts that you need to observe to stretch the fitting manner and on the proper time.



Contrary to common opinion, stretching is just not the identical as warming up. Warm-up is finished to put together the physique for the hardcore exercise and includes straightforward cardio like lunges and squats. So heat up the physique with out stretching to get it prepared for the exercise.

Cool down

Once the exercise is finished, give time to your physique to settle down and to carry your coronary heart charge to regular. If you need to stretch, do it after the physique has recovered from the strenuous exercise. To scale back soreness after a exercise, stroll or carry out easy-paced workouts to scale back the discomfort and to preserve your physique transferring.

Stretch usually

Since your regular routine largely includes sitting for many of the day, stretching usually is a should for the physique to enhance its flexibility and its efficiency throughout the exercise.


Stretch instantly after the exercise

Since your physique is already sore due to the hardcore exercise, stretching instantly after the exercise can worsen the soreness, because the circulation of blood within the muscle groups decreases whereas stretching. So wait to your physique to settle down earlier than stretching.

Stretch throughout a warm-up

Stretching whereas warming up can hamper your capacity to carry out workouts correctly because it will increase oxygen demand and reduces the stability that’s wanted to do workouts like squats. It makes your muscle groups sluggish and decreases stability.

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