He has the largest family in the world .. 39 wives .. It would be a shock to know how many total members ..

(*39*)Small family Financial issues in a family with extra members .. The family burden will be increased ..

Ziona Chana

Small family It is claimed that a family with extra members has extra monetary issues, a larger family burden, and extra stress. That’s why dad and mom say that they’ve two youngsters and are pleased to have such a small family. Now we know about joint households in India. In the outdated days there have been a lot of joint households .. Gradually the variety of joint households decreased with the altering instances. Instead of staying in one place .. they’re searching for somebody’s means in phrases of profession and jobs. If so .. you would be stunned if a individual instructed you about family. He is the largest family in the world. All their family members are equal to the individuals in one village. Sounds wonderful to hear. But it’s true. The family remains to be collectively .. dwelling very fortunately in the identical home. Let’s discover out about that family ..

A family lives in a home with about 100 rooms in Batwang village in Mizoram. That family is the huge Giona Chana. He is 76 years outdated. He has 39 wives .. 94 youngsters .. 14 daughters .. 33 grandchildren .. one grandson. Giona is a carpenter by occupation. However .. all the individuals in this family .. don’t rely upon one another. Whose wants do their very own factor. Ziona has a great amount of farmland. Here the Giona family grows meals grains, greens and fruits. Apart from these .. additionally they run their very own poultry farm to eat hen eggs.

His family has a total of 181 members. But the family is not going to have any drawback in phrases of vitamin and meals. And all of them observe Giona’s directions precisely. Still the complete family is in full self-discipline. All of them .. agriculture .. doing different issues. Giona is the eldest spouse and is the head of the complete family. The family of 181 members eats 45 kg of rice, 25 kg of pulses, 60 kg of greens, 20 kg of fruits, 30-40 chickens and dozens of eggs per day. Giona’s eldest son is 52 years outdated. His identify is Parliana. Parliana mentioned her family contains members from a number of tribes. Her father married poor, orphaned girls.

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