How heavy snowfall in Kashmir leaves wildlife in upper reaches without food and water

Whereas heavy snowfall in Kashmir attracts vacationers, it impacts wildlife in the upper reaches of the area.

As most surfaces are lined with snow and water reserves at larger elevations are frozen, animals should descend from their habitations in search of food and water.

“In Kashmir, two forms of animals descend. One is Hangul [Kashmiri stag] on the lookout for greens and water and, in sure circumstances, leopards have additionally been noticed,” stated Rashid Naqash, Regional Wildlife Warden, Kashmir.


The wildlife division has made a number of sightings of those animals in decrease areas. Officers say Hangul has been sighted in protected sanctuaries like Dachigam, near Srinagar metropolis, and in Shikargah in south Kashmir. Leopards have additionally been discovered near human inhabitations.

Most surfaces are lined with snow in Jammu and Kashmir.


There are about six lakh migratory birds in Kashmir presently. Lots of them are a part of the Central Asian Flyway (CAF) comprising necessary routes of waterbirds, most of which lengthen from the northernmost breeding grounds in Siberia to the southernmost non-breeding wintering grounds in West Asia and India.

Their major resting spots are the 9 wetlands in Kashmir that additionally freeze forcing the birds to maneuver, typically in the direction of the human inhabitants.


The wildlife division says it’s placing greens for animals in sanctuaries like Dachigam. For migratory birds, the division is spraying grains close to the wetlands and making holes in the frozen ice to create water sources, stated Rashid Naqash.

Migratory birds in Kashmir.


When animals descend into decrease areas, there are probabilities of their interplay with human inhabitations. This, at occasions, creates man-animal battle.

“We just lately had a case of a leopard coming to Srinagar’s outskirts, Baghimehtab. It took us three days to tranquillise and seize the animal. Folks get scared and assault animals who additionally do the identical. If individuals see wildlife animals, they need to shortly contact us or the police,” stated Rashid Naqash.

Wildlife in upper reaches.


Hangul (Kashmiri stag) is the one surviving breed of crimson deer and these had been as soon as current in hundreds throughout the mountainous vary of Kashmir. Nevertheless, its inhabitants has been diminished to lower than 300 in Kashmir. The animal is therefore one of many rarest in the realm.

In surveys that had been performed in1950s, its inhabitants was 5,000 and a survey in 2019 reveals solely 250 of them in the valley. In 2013, Hangul was declared endangered by the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) & Wildlife Safety of India.

(Inputs by Ashraf Wani)

(Photographs: Shuja-ul-Haq)

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