India vs Australia: If it was not for Harbhajan Singh, we would have won the 2001 series vs India- Steve Waugh

Former India spinner Harbhajan Singh got here into the limelight along with his terrific efficiency towards Australia in the historic 2001 dwelling series.

He was named the participant of the series and went on to take 32 wickets in 3 Check matches.

Former Australia captain Steve Waugh, who led the guests on that tour of India, stated that if it wasn’t for Harbhajan, Australia would have gone on to win the series.

“He won the series for India in 2001. 32 wickets in 3 Tests. We just couldn’t counteract his bounce. He got this amazing bounce off the length. Every spell he bowled against, he dominated us.

“[He had an] Incredible strike rate, bowled a lot of overs and was consistent. Hayden probably took him on and did well, but the rest of us really couldn’t find a way to get on top of him. Without him, we would have won the series. A very influential figure, particularly against us,” Steve Waugh stated in a video posted on

Harbhajan wasn’t a standard off-spinner, says Waugh

Harbhajan Singh is taken into account to be one among India’s finest spinners, with 417 Check wickets to his identify, and was significantly very efficient towards Australia, towards whom he went on to take 95 wickets. Waugh stated that the cause behind Harbhajan’s success was that he was not a standard off-spinner.

“He wasn’t a traditional off-spinner. He got a bit overspin and bounce. It wasn’t always the sharp turn, but the subtle variations and bounce. (We) got caught bat-pad pretty regularly off him,” he stated.

Waugh additionally added that Harbhajan performed rather a lot like the Australians themselves.

“He played in the same vein, the same spirit and the same method as we did. That’s probably why we found him a bit prickly because it was like playing against ourselves in the opposition.

“He played cricket the Aussie way. He was in your face, a bit of talk, aggressive, positive and he backed himself,” Waugh added.

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