Kovid‌ free villages in Telangana .. Villagers following old food habits and commitments.!

Covid Free Villages: While the entire world is obsessive about Corona, Corona is among the …


Covid Free Villages: While the entire world is obsessive about the corona, the corona is struggling to set foot in the tribal villages of the district. Despite 1000’s of instances being registered in the house district, solely three villages reside peacefully as typical. Nirmal District is a village in Pentadari, Ippachalma and Laxmi Nagar in the Sarangapur Zone on the border of Telangana and Maharashtra.

Not a single corona case has been reported up to now in these three tribal villages. Proof of that is the dedication of the tribal folks of these villages. It is the strict guidelines and rules that they implement that defend Sri Rama for his or her lives. Originally the border villages of Maharashtra have been and nonetheless are corona-affected villages, however the villagers are taking robust measures to forestall the corona epidemic from coming into their village.

People eat porridge in the morning, afternoon and night. Along with these, Gatka is eaten. They feed on pulses grown in their fields. Doing farm work frequently and taking nutritious food will preserve them wholesome. Strict restrictions have been imposed on crossing the city. If you cross the village, take a shower with yellow water and come residence .. Drink sizzling water .. Drink an answer of medicinal herbs as soon as each three hours. Liquids are extra necessary in the weight-reduction plan than solids. Patel, a tribal villager from Pentadari, says they’re serving to to maintain the folks away from the corona.

Another tribal village is Ippachelma village the place the elixir of life is the natural answer given by Dondanna, an 85-year-old herbalist. 21 Distribution of infusions produced from herbs extracted from medicinal timber to each family. Tribals consuming the medication are additionally uncovered to fever and chilly. However, the folks listed here are saying that the corona shouldn’t be thrown away so simply. New individuals are not allowed to enter the village as numerous instances are being registered in neighboring Maharashtra. Since then, Maharashtra youths have been patrolling the village in teams to forestall them from coming into the village.

The folks right here say that they’ve survived the inexperienced nature away from the cities. Despite the slight scarcity of ingesting water, this isn’t an issue in comparison with the corona epidemic. They say that if we have now to go to demise, we’re following the bodily distance .. We have banned good deeds in the villages .. We are implementing strict guidelines that we must always not cross the border after 6 pm. The corona could be doomed if the cities additionally obeyed the commitments of such villages in Corona.

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