Multan Sun Temple: Multana Sun Temple in Pakistan built by Krishna’s son Sambudu .. What is unique ..! – 5000 years old multan sun temple in pakistan

Prominent Hindu temples stay on Pakistani soil. One of the well-known temples that was misplaced is the Sun Temple in Multana which is stated to have been built by the son of Lord Krishna. The uniqueness of this temple …

Multan Sun Temple: Today is the birthday of Sri Suryanarayana Murthy. Special pujas are carried out on the Sun Temples and different well-known shrines in the nation. However, the British divided Pakistan and India right into a united India. During this time many outstanding Hindu temples remained on Pak soil. One of the well-known temples that was misplaced is the Sun Temple in Multana which is stated to have been built by the son of Lord Krishna. Let’s study in regards to the uniqueness of this temple ..!

Sun worship has the best precedence in Hinduism. There are additionally claims that the ever-chanting Gayatri mantra is additionally a mantra praising the sun. Many temples have been built in the entire nation to measure such a cosmopolitan. The identical Multan Sun Temple in Pakistan! It is believed {that a} sun temple was built in town of Kashyapapuram in Pakistan virtually two thousand years in the past. The Sun Temple is the primary attraction of town. Thousands of devotees come from throughout to go to the temple and pay their respects. That is why town was referred to as the headquarters. Gradually the identify modified to ‘Multan’.

Local mythology says that the Sun Temple in Multan was built by Sambudu, the son of Krishna. Krishna cursed Sambudi, who had by accident dedicated a sin, to undergo from leprosy. It appears that Sambudu built a terrific sun temple in Multan to eliminate that curse. Later all of the individuals additionally visited this temple to eliminate their illnesses and hardships. The soil there was additionally believed to have the glory of curing illnesses. Who may carry that clay with them. The identify Multani clay has turn out to be established for any clay that is written in such a approach.

According to the historians who visited the temple at the moment, all of the idols, doorways, pillars and spiers of the temple have been gleaming with silver and gold. The choices made by the devotees visiting the temple have been the primary supply of earnings for the dominion. The reputation of the temple didn’t diminish even after the domination of the Muslim rulers over the area in the eighth century. Over time a civil battle broke out between the rulers. Those who gained the higher hand over Multan in that battle confirmed their kasinanta on the Sun Temple. Ghazni Muhammad, who invaded the area in the eleventh century, perfected that destruction. Now there aren’t any landmarks the place this sun temple is.

In addition to the Sun Temple, Multan additionally has one other unique temple. The identical Narasimhaswamy temple. Devotees imagine that this area was the dominion dominated by Hiranyakashipu, the daddy of Prahlada. Hence, the city is often known as Kashyapuram after Hiranyakashipu. After the assassination of Hiranyakashipu, it was Prahlada himself who built a temple for Narasimhaswamy right here. The temple has additionally been vandalized by rioters on occasion. However, the temple was rebuilt by the native Hindus. The temple was virtually demolished in 1992 in protest of the demolition of the Babri Masjid in our nation. At current, solely the cussed partitions of the temple stay, and it appears that evidently the Multani mud got here from this temple.

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