Pecan vs Walnut: Do you know the difference?

Pecans and walnuts, regardless of being fairly comparable in look, are completely different in style and dietary values. Have a take a look at how these 2 sorts of nuts are completely different from one another.

Pecan vs Walnut: Do you know the distinction?

While on the lookout for nuts, it’s simple to get confused between pecans and walnuts. These two belong to the identical household of bushes and look fairly comparable. They even have an analogous form of style and dietary profile. But, there are some points through which these two sorts of nuts are completely different, be it in the flavour or look. Pecans are barely sweeter than walnuts in style and are just a little darker and fewer rugged than walnuts. Apart from these, listed below are some extra variations between these two nuts.


While pecan bushes develop largely in Mexico and Central and South America, walnut bushes develop in southern Europe and Asia. Also, the bushes of pecan are a lot bigger in top as in comparison with walnut bushes.


The leaves of each walnut and pecan bushes are staggered. The leaves of pecan bushes are sickle-shaped, whereas the leaves of walnut bushes are pointed from the tip and wider at the base.


The shells of pecans are mild brown and have ridges and wrinkles on them. They are pointed at the prime and have a rounded backside. Whereas, walnut shells are spherical and bumpy. They look wrinkly and have a transparent ridge that joins the 2 halves of the nut.


Walnuts are bitter and have a profoundly nutty flavour. They are crunchy and have a butter texture. Pecans, on the different hand, are candy and chewy.

Nutritional worth

Pecans are low in carbs and excessive in fiber. They are a wealthy supply of protein and are additionally wealthy in wholesome fat, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. Walnuts have extra protein than pecans however have much less fiber than them. They are additionally wealthy in wholesome fat and important nutritional vitamins.

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