Pimples to oily skin: 5 Things every teenager should know about their skincare routine

Shreedha Singh, Beauty knowledgeable and founding father of TAC is right here to college all teenager on pores and skin issues.

First, let”s normalise the attractive adjustments the human physique undergoes each internally & externally when one is rising up.

It’s probably to take issues as a right if you end up wholesome, younger, wild & sturdy however what it’s possible you’ll be unaware of as a teenager is that the type of hustle you are partaking in, might wreak havoc in your pores and skin which reveals up in your 30s. Taking care of your pores and skin in the present day requires training & acceptable funding to hold it wholesome, zesty & in the perfect of situations down the highway. Teenage will get over actual quick, your funding will repay within the years to come.

All you want is a routine & rhythm that creates stability amongst your Doshas (bio-energetic forces) – Vata, Pitta & Kapha, that decide your Skin & Hair varieties. Ayurveda honours & celebrates our individuality and uniqueness, and every of us has a singular mixture of Doshas which can change owing to varied inner & exterior elements like meals, surroundings, stage of life, and many others. 

Read on to uncover a few of the commonest pores and skin points and few easy methods at your rescue: 


One might expertise breakouts & zits, which could be emotionally difficult to take care of at occasions, as you are already experiencing a sea of adjustments. Potential causes might be clogged pores, genetics, altering hormone stage & stress. 

What to do:

Wash your face utilizing a light cleanser, within the morning and earlier than mattress. Mix Tea Tree Essential Oil & consuming water in 1:4 and use it as a toner. Use an oil-balancing/ hydrating face cream/ serum. Face packs & masks should be restricted to up to twice per week solely, as soon as per week, if in any respect.

Myth: Oils should not be utilized on Oily Skin

Tip: Your pores and skin is likely to be releasing further oil since you is likely to be making an attempt to rip it off its pure moisture, you’re scaring your pores and skin. Ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Magnolia Bark Extract, Neem Oil, Tulsi, and many others. could be blended with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and dabbed in a small quantity on the face at night time. This concoction will assist in balancing sebum manufacturing.


Caused due to varied causes like extreme oil within the hair follicles, chilly & dry climate, stress, or not cleaning your hair sufficient or response to sure hair merchandise can even end in dry or greasy flakes with or with out itching. In sporadic instances, dandruff could cause hair loss if it is not handled. 

What to do:

Use a very good hair oil, my secret recipe is – Coconut Oil blended with Neem Oil & Camphor, it smells therapeutic and is terrific to deal with dandruff.

Facial Hair Problem: 

Unwanted facial hair in teenage women happens due to hormonal adjustments throughout puberty when your physique produces androgens (male hormones), genetic structuring, or side-effects of sure medicine.

What to do:

Most of the occasions, that is triggered by PCOD, so it is pertinent to hold your life-style in verify. Tea Tree & Lavender Essential Oils blended with Coconut Oil can be utilized at night time. There are extra long run options in Ayurveda like Thanaka Powder which can be utilized to completely cut back facial hair.


Air Pollution & Sunburn: 

The high quality of the air we breathe and reside in additionally performs a job in how our pores and skin seems to be. Since the pores and skin is light, over-exposure to the solar might trigger irritation and sunburn.

What to do

Wear a sunscreen earlier than stepping out. To take away tan, use coconut oil or almond oil blended with lemon juice in 1:20 and wash off put up an hour, can be used in a single day. If there’s sunburn, use coconut oil would soothe and calm the pores and skin.

Pro-tip: Less is More – Use fewer Chemicals and go naturals

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