Should I get a Covid-19 vaccine if I’ve had the virus?

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No matter earlier an infection, the US Centres for Illness Management and Prevention says individuals ought to plan on getting vaccinated when it is their flip.

“It’s a pretty straightforward question,” stated Johns Hopkins infectious illness specialist Dr Amesh Adalja. “Yes, you need to get vaccinated.” After somebody recovers, their immune system ought to preserve them from getting sick once more immediately.

“Your immune system is able to identify the virus, and protect itself,” stated Dr Saskia Popescu, an infectious illness knowledgeable at George Mason College.

Scientists nonetheless do not know precisely how lengthy this immunity lasts or how sturdy it’s, although latest analysis suggests the safety might final for a number of months.

It is unattainable to understand how lengthy a individual could be immune, stated Dr Prathit Kulkarni, an infectious illness knowledgeable at Baylor Faculty of Medication. “There’s no way to calculate that.”

Vaccines, in contrast, are designed to result in a extra constant and optimum immune response. And they need to enhance no matter pre-existing immunity a individual may need from an an infection, specialists say.

“Since we’re in this pandemic, and don’t have a handle on it, the safer approach is to vaccinate,” Kulkarni stated. “You don’t lose anything and you stand to benefit.”

When you’ve been contaminated in the final three months, the CDC says it is OK to delay vaccination if you wish to let others go first whereas provides are restricted.

“All things being equal you would want the person with no protection to go first,” Adalja stated.

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