tamil nadu wedding gifts: Do you know what gift is given to these bride and groom .. No shock at all, trend now! – tamil nadu couple receive petrol, gas cylinder and onions as wedding gifts amid prices soar

CoSome individuals give gifts and shock their newlyweds. Just a few extra who need one thing new shall be given modern gifts. There is plenty of train in selecting gifts. However .. nobody can think about these gifts given by the groom’s associates to the newly wed couple in Tamil Nadu. Because they gave petrol, gas cylinder and onions as gifts. Not to point out that these are very costly objects now ..!

The trend has modified when it comes to giving gifts. At current, we’re giving a shock to the newlyweds if any of the objects we use are dearer. But, Hatsoff has to say that their thought is to give gas rock, onions, petrol. Because .. it has change into a scorching subject everywhere in the nation.

The video of the bride and groom being gifted petrol, gas and onions has now gone viral on social media. The objects have been given as gifts and posed for pictures. On prime of that the onions have been introduced in sticks and positioned across the couple’s neck. At that time the bride forcibly stopped her laughter which made the video much more attention-grabbing.

The incident passed off through the wedding ceremony of Karthik and Saranya from Chennai. The gifts have been given by the groom’s associates at a wedding held at a operate corridor in Wangaram. Five liters of petrol, a full cylinder and onions have been given. It is realized that petrol prices have just lately obtained 100 marks. Cooking gas prices have additionally been rising sharply for a while. In addition, the prices of onions and different necessities are skyrocketing.

Everyone who got here to the wedding couldn’t cease laughing at these modern gifts. Netizens who noticed this video are additionally making attention-grabbing feedback. ‘Your thought is superb ..’ Some individuals commented .. ‘They are very costly gifts .. Hide them safely’ commented one other netizen.

Another netizen was cautious, saying, “Be cautious with the petrol and gas cylinders.” He warned that if a petroleum can was positioned on a rock, it might be harmful for each of them to stick. That is true ..! Floating within the gall with enthusiasm .. Even a small mistake, a horrible tragedy stays.

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