The idol of Lord Ganesha in this temple grows day by day .. Do you know the location of the Ganesha temple on the wall ..

Ganesha is the head of the Vignas. We will begin any actions after worshiping Ganapati, the son of Parvati. There are many temples devoted to Vigneshwar in our nation. One of them is the Bodda Ganesha Temple.


The Ganapati Temple is positioned in Madhur in the Kasaragod district of Kerala. Ganapathy is located on the banks of the river Madhuravahini, amidst the pure magnificence.


Ganesha Temple 8

The lord of this temple is worshiped as Madaranteshwara Swami. According to native mythology, a lady discovered an idol of Swami. That is why Swami is alleged to be the origin determine.


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That Vigneshwar first appeared to a feminine devotee. That is why Madhur Temple is legendary by her identify.


Temple 1

There is an idol of Ganesha on the south wall outdoors the Swami’s sanctum sanctorum. Swami is rising day by day. That is why it’s referred to as Bodda Ganesha.


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Tipu Sultan’s forces got here to destroy the temple. However, after Tipu Sultan drank the water from the effectively in the temple premises, he modified his thoughts and withdrew from the assault.


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The temple is constructed in the form of an elephant. The three-storied temple provides a divine feeling to the guests. Here the father is given as a blessing. Morning service is carried out to Ganapati right here.


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As half of the Sahasra Appa Puja, pujas are carried out with a thousand appas. Moodappam service can be carried out. The temple is positioned at a distance of 7 km from Kasargod.


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Madaranteshwara Swamy

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