uttarakhand video: రా ఉత్త्రాराकండ్: क्ణాల్లో् क्కుకుकపోయినపోయినపోయిన कार्కులుకులుकకులుకులు .. కింగ్ाकకింగ్ వీడియో వీడియో – – workers swept away in seconds at tapovan tunnel in uttarakhand dam, shocking video

AHigh hills. Snowdrops that look pleasing to the attention on them. The Alaknanda River flows superbly by the hills. Headed the development of an influence mission on that river. Some workers have been engaged in these duties as typical. Meanwhile the turmoil. The Nandadevi Glacier erupted. The avalanches, which have been damaged by a loud noise, went straight and fell into the river, flowing beneath.

The white fog turned out to be a torrential downpour. The surge blew. Jumped ahead, scattering the horizontal rocks. The energy mission in the center of the river was disrupted. All the workers working there have been washed away past that stream. A catastrophic flood hit Uttarakhand on Sunday (February 7).

Another video associated to the accident got here to mild just lately. The floodwaters engulfed workers engaged on high of a mission below building. Water blended with mud surrounded them. Gone with out a likelihood to flee. All the workers there have been washed away in a stream of muddy water in a matter of seconds.

Shocking video ..

Washed away in moments .. Uttarakhand shocking video

The footage was captured on digicam at the Tapovan Tunnel by ITBP. This video is a residing testimony to the devastating floods of yesteryear. Twisting the hearts of tens of millions. It went viral inside hours of being shared.

A complete of 203 folks have been misplaced in the accident. ITBP personnel rescue 12 folks trapped in the Tapovan tunnel. So far 32 our bodies have been recovered. Support actions are ongoing. Mud collected in the tunnels grew to become an obstacle to rescue operations. Removing sludge with heavy equipment.

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