Vani Vishwanath is the heiress of the then heroine Vani who will make her entry into Tollywood .. Who is the hero ..

Many heroines look ahead to an opportunity to show themselves on the silver display. Apart from incomes stardom with the first movie, additionally they obtain a collection of affords. So far, it is identified that the daughters of many actors are making an entry as heroines. Recently, one other heiress is making an entry into Telugu.


The daughter of former Tollywood star heroine Vani Vishwanath’s sister Priya Vishwanath. Varsha Vishwanath is getting into the Telugu business as the successor to Vani Vishwanath.


Varsha Vishwanath

Varsha Vishwanath, who accomplished her internship in Thrissur, Kerala, has acted in three movies in Tamil. Tollywood is now getting acquainted with the movie ‘Reddigarintlo Rhodeism’.


Varsha Vishwanadh 3

The movie is being produced by Sirishareddy with Raman as the protagonist. M. Ramesh and Gopi are co-directing. The producers have revealed that Varsha will be seen as the lady subsequent door.


Varsha Vishwandh 1

While on one movie set, Varsha signed on for 2 extra movies. The second movie will be directed by Vattikutty Chandra with hero Raman.


Varsha Vishwanadh 6

Apart from these, Varsha Vishwanath has agreed to do a movie with music director Koti’s son Rajiv Saluri. Apart from these, Varsha Vishwanath has additionally acted in motion pictures in Tamil.


Varsha Vishwanadh 7

Varsha Vishwanath.

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