Variety toddy: Parrot drunk stone .. Stone lovers who say good taste .. Queue for that area in Telangana – Parrot tasted today in peddapalli district sulthanabad district

It is claimed that the guava that is hit by the parrot could be very candy.

Variety toddy: The parrot’s guava is claimed to be candy. Besides, now, stone lovers say that even the parrot’s drunken stones are nonetheless candy. It is out there seasonally so persons are going to drink it.

Not solely human beings but in addition parrots are flocking to drink palm stones. Liquor lovers are queuing as much as drink Ramachiluka’s drunken stone in Nirukulla village in Sultanabad zone of Peddapalli district. Most folks wish to eat any fruit that is parboiled as it’s candy. Also, stone lovers have an interest in consuming the parrot’s drunken palms right here.

Kallu lovers say that the Rama parrot tastes the stones coming from the palm tree leaves and people eyes flip into elixir and are very candy. Such tortoises wish to drink the stone that has been bitten, and so they wish to drink these palm stones. Gita staff additionally… Rama parrots have stones that are bitten? Asking and consuming an excessive amount of. There was a good demand for these tortoises’ drunken stones. The charge can also be barely increased relying on the demand. Moreover, these stones can be found for two months of the yr.

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